Do I qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)? If you have physical or mental diagnoses which prevent you from being able to work full time, and you have paid into the system through your payroll every paycheck, then you are entitled to benefits. 

Can I afford an Attorney?  We only keep a fee if we win, and the fee comes from back-pay, or money Social Security owes you from the past.  No fee comes from your monthly benefit going forward.  Social Security regulates the fee, and withholds the fee from past due benefits so you will never receive a bill.  The current maximum allowed by the Social Security Administration is 25% of past due benefits or $6000, which ever is less. 

I saw an ad with a 1-800 number, should I call? A local attorney will meet with you in person, work with your Doctors and other members of the community to get the necessary Evidence for your case, and represent you in front of local Judges.  Many of the “800 number law firms” don’t do any of that.   Many times you don’t even speak to or meet an actual attorney until the day of your hearing. 

I’ve been denied, what should I do? Don’t get discouraged- the vast majority of claims are denied in the beginning.  The Social Security Administration processes thousands of applications, and if everything isn’t perfect the first time around, you will be denied.  You only have 60 days to appeal that decision, so call us within the 60 day time frame to appeal.

I haven’t heard anything, why is it taking so long? While the process can take 18 months from application date to hearing date, all cases do not take that long.  There are some situations where we can request to have your claim expedited, and having an Attorney advocating for you can help speed up the process. 

The Doctors aren’t helping me, should I continue to pay for visits? You need medical records to support your claim.  However, if you are stuck in a rut with your Physician, it never hurts to get a second opinion.   

How much money will I get?  The amount varies depending on how much you paid in.  The Social Security Administration has a complicated formula to determine the exact amount.  You can create an account and have access to these numbers at:

What’s the fastest way to get my case under review? You can fill out our convenient form here on the site and we will contact you and begin reviewing your case as quickly as possible.

What areas do you practice? We are based in the Pacific Northwest and will meet with clients anywhere that is comfortable for them.  Notable communities we serve include:

Oregon: Pendleton, Hermiston, The Dalles, Hood River, Madras, Prineville

Washington: Goldendale, White Salmon, Stevenson, Richland


Do you have an urgent question?

Feel free to contact us by email or phone if your question is time sensitive or you would just like more information about starting your claim.  Our goal is getting people get the help they need as quickly as possible.


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