Rose Disability Advocates is a law firm with the purpose of helping people navigate the sometimes tedious and frustrating process of applying for disability assistance.

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) claims are determined based upon a myriad of federal regulations, policies and case law.  In order to win it’s important that you have competent representation, someone who is familiar with the the organizations involved and the process of evaluation. That’s why Rose Disability Advocates is here to guide you through each stage of the process.  By the time your case goes before a judge we will be well prepared to represent you and win the benefits you need.

Individuals who find themselves injured or disabled are frequently overwhelmed by the process of filing for Social Security. They are discouraged when they receive a “denial” letter in the mail. As a result many give up.  We are here to say there is hope!  It is important to remember that you have paid into Social Security your entire working life. We are here to help you fight for the benefits you deserve.

Rose Disability Advocates fights for citizens to get the assistance they need.  The Social Security Administration will pay our fee from your past due benefits.  We only keep a fee if we win your case.  Give us a call or submit this form today to speak with an experienced attorney.

Jessica L. Rose

Managing Attorney

Jessica is originally from the South, and attended Undergraduate School at Murray State University, in Kentucky.  While at Florida State University School of Law, she completed an internship at Legal Aid, where she assisted with Social Security Disability Cases.  She has been advocating for individuals with disabilities ever since.  Jessica prides herself on the individual attention she gives each client, and her attention to detail in every case.  Although our support staff is amazing, Jessica is available to clients on her cell phone- you will never encounter an automated customer service response!

Fawn Funderburg

Legal Assistant

Fawn comes from an entrepreneurial background with an emphasis on administration and is accustomed to “jumping through hoops” with various State and Federal Agencies to achieve favorable results.  She is an expert in gathering, arranging, and presenting medical records and other Evidence in a manner which supports your case for Disability.